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Hacktoberfest Progress Week 1-2

Introduction to Hackoctoberfest

Before, I start talking about my development with recent projects. I would like to come out and thank everyone for contributing and helping out each other with open source development. Before this course(OSD 600), I didn't have knowledge that how the project works. Daily, I have been learning new things that are helping me to understand the aspect of open source development.

Finding Projects

For the last couple of weeks, I have been trying to find good projects to work on. Following this, in our slack community, some of the projects were posted by the professor. I wanted to work in swift because I have a keen interest in learning about this language. I started digging into more and found something to get started.


I started with two issues later this week. Both of them were from the focus-ios application. Firefox Focus is a free and open-source privacy-focused mobile browser from Mozilla, available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Focus-ios. I wanted to make progress with this application. I dug in and found two issues in which I would have thought to be working.
issue #1, issue #1.1. Another project, I worked on is a website to adopt pets. pawternityhub I worked on a small part of this project issue #2, but also learned how to use react and yarn npm module to run and develop web applications.

Issues related about:

Navigate around a webpage with the keyboard in IOS 15
Use native paste & go on iOS 15
Add a title & border to react project.


Preparing to work on projects not known is very different. I believe it takes much more time to start a project than working on it and resolving the issue. I find building the application difficult due to the documentation of the project. I had to install some dependencies to run the IOS app and similar to web page development.


I learnt a lot of new things during the development. First of all, I would like to add mu first issue was more related to testing and making sure the code works. When began, I didn't understand a single bit of code being so lengthy and divided. I understood that I needed to find the part that I could work on that. I looked for a particular piece of code.

  1. how to make an ios app webpage navigate using tab keys
  2. use of UIActionPaste&Go action
  3. small web app development to add HTML/CSS attributes.

After Screenshots:

Project 1

Project 2




I had great interactions with developers on Github. I feel all of them are very kind and sweet to provide support. Being new to this community, I ask whatever feel like before doing something on the project. Doing right is more important than wasting time on doing wrong.


I have learnt a lot in the past weeks and would love to learn more with new contributions. See you all soon with the next post next week.

Link to Pull Requests:

PR #1
PR #2

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