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Lab 01 - Static Site Generator Collaborations

First Meeting

I collaborated with Ahmad Rokay. We met through slack. I posted as I was looking for a partner to work with. I felt that my project is a little different from others. I worked on swift language which is kind of new and never taught to us. I can see no one worked with this language. It was a bit challenging However, I was able to manage with his help. I knew it might have some errors. This was my first release 0.0.1.

My Impression

When I looked into Ahmad's code as he worked with python. I pretty much liked it clean and perfectly written. However, I found minimal bugs that were mentioned to Ahmad. All in all, he was able to make up the project with all features mentioned in release 0.1.

Ahmad's Project Issues

In the beginning, when I started and wasn't able to run his code on my computer. I thought it might be the issue because I have the Mac Operating system. But, the issue was related to the version of python. Once, the V 3.9 was re-installed. It stopped giving errors. issue1

While running different arguments, another issue we could find was that there were same naming extensions errors. A folder that ended with ".txt" would be treated as a single file. This was resolved by Ahmad himself.issue 2

Another issue found by professor was the name for the project which needed to be changed to make it more understandable and easier for someone to look into.
issue 3

My Project Issues

I was able to make my code bit clean and easy to read. I formatted my code and made it user friendly. However, it still looks bit long but i hope while working i will make it effective and smaller.issue 1

My stylesheet was only working for folder path. It won't work on single files. So, I made it work now for single path files as well.issue 2

The input/output directories were hardcoded. These should have been relative to the program's location. Well, I am working on this one. I was able to make it worked for multiple files. However, It still needs for one file which I will surely do it.issue 3

This issue was important as I was missing the closing tags in my html file. So, thats why i needed another pair of eyes :).
issue 4


It's great to collaborate with others and work with each other's project. It was different and interesting to find error in someone else's codes. same as someone finding in mine. As, it is said that, other pair of idea makes things better. Some things that I was not able to see in my code were found by my classmate and i was able to resolve them.

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