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MoreWomenInTech = MoreIdeas

I am really glad to see that women are coming up with new ideas, innovating something and not only that they are also becoming successful leaders.
The foundation of the developer community is completely dependent on the people who are contributing to it.
Our developer community has been so supportive in encouraging every person who has been taking initiative to contribute irrespective of gender. There are many famous women developers like Ada Lovelace, Grace Hopper, Edith Clarke and many others who have changed the perspective that the technology field is led by men.
Women are now actively taking initiative in creating a community which helps in inviting more female developers via inspiring conferences, hackathons and coding challenges which are dedicated to women.

I have been coding since my college days and always made sure that the eagerness to learn never dies. Since the tech is evolving at such a fast pace, it has become the need of the hour to keep ourselves updated. I remember back in my college days when I was very fond of C++. I used it for so many years for competitive coding. Later, Java came in the picture which helped me to learn a lot about Object-Oriented Programming. Now, I have switched to Javascript and I very much enjoy working in it. Apart from this I always enjoy solving coding puzzles. Here I have one for you in javascript. Just for fun 😜

Write a function f that returns Hello, world!.
Every line must have at most 2 characters, and the total number of lines must be less than 40.

This is the wrong solution πŸ˜‰

function f () { return 'Hello, world!'; }
// or
const f = _ => 'Hello, world!';
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Let me know your thoughts?

I really ❀️ the way that there are many organizations like Women Who Code who are actively promoting and facilitating women's contribution to the tech industry through different series of events. In order to encourage more participation, there should be more meetups, conferences, and sessions at each level starting from corporate to a community level to spread the word and onboard more amazing developers! πŸ˜„

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zakwillis profile image

We don't know who Satoshi Nakamoto is - but whoever they are, they weren't far off being bigger than Microsoft.

If the ultimate goal of becoming a technologist is to have a job, and to be comfortable and accepted in that job by others who are in some way different to them - maybe it is worth struggling for.

If you recognise there is something toxic about an environment, it certainly isn't worth pursuing over the long period. Find like spirited people and work with them for a much happier career. Wish I had known this :)

jasmin profile image
Jasmin Virdi

I second you, it is very important to have a surrounding that motivates you! :)

zakwillis profile image

I think the most important thing to realise, for health and happiness - is if you do have to go into a toxic situation to gain acceptance, make it as short as possible. It is why am not big on people trying to break through so-called glass ceilings. The people already there are miserable.
As I said, nobody even knows who Satoshi Nakamoto is and look what it/they/them/whoever achieved. Far more satisfying for that entity.

brandinchiu profile image
Brandin Chiu

Diversity in ideas, and how people approach problems is super important.

Gender, race, religion and more have a profound impact on how people approach problems and including as many different outlooks as possible as a community can only help us.

I'm 100% there with you, I'm always thrilled to see new people from different background giving their take on similar problems!

jasmin profile image
Jasmin Virdi • Edited

yes, it is good to see peoples active participation! :)

jmfayard profile image
Jean-Michel πŸ•΅πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Fayard

More good ideas yes.
And perhaps even better, to open up the programming ecosystem to women, we will have to forget a number of existing bad ideas.

waylonwalker profile image
Waylon Walker

Never stop learning!