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Javid Mougamadou
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Here is Kubeapps the k8s/helm dashboard


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Kubeapps is a dashboard for your Kubernetes cluster that makes it easy to deploy and manage applications in your cluster using Helm

Deploy Your Favorite Charts and Operators

Browse Helm charts and Kubernetes Operators from public and private registries. Perform day-two operations like upgrades or rollbacks.

Use Private Namespaces and Multiple Clusters

Create and manage different catalogs isolating them in different namespaces and clusters with a single Kubeapps instance.

Secure Authentication and Authorizations

Leverage RBAC and OAuth2/OIDC to provide authenticate and authorize users in your system.



  • Kubernetes

  • Helm 3

  • Administrative access to the cluster to create Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs)


helm repo add bitnami
kubectl create namespace kubeapps
helm install kubeapps --namespace kubeapps bitnami/kubeapps
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Top comments (2)

brunohlopes profile image
Bruno Lopes

Is it possible to install non-Bitnami charts?? from kubernetes, SonarQube, for example..

javidjms profile image
Javid Mougamadou

Perhaps yes, you should install from github charts release/archive.