When hiring, do you ask for age?

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We have been very active hiring developers. I, as manager have to select from the candidates CVs and do follow up interviews.

I never ask age or care about it.

Recently saw a post on Twitter looking for a developer with 1 year experience, and specified age range.

Not sure if this common practice in other countries (I work in Mexico). But I find it that it only reduce options (setting aside that is just descriminatory).

Not sure if there is an actual value on setting an age limit when looking for dev candidates, that I am missing.

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It's not allowed in the UK I believe. It's encouraged to omit your age/dob on your CV etc.


Yeah, I would never ask for age. Seems really inappropriate and biased.


In the US, it’s not illegal to ask, but it is illegal to use it to make a workplace decision if the person is over 40 (which is why no one asks — not worth opening that can of worms).

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