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Building a mental health crisis app, Day 3: Login Page part 2

The app is called “Help Me” and is designed primarily as an “SOS” (distress signal) to a selected circle of trusted people when someone is going through a mental health crisis. The user can send a message with their location to one person or everyone in their community. The goal is to build a trusted community around the user with private conversations and a system to show their emotions. This will help the trusted people to be aware of the user's range of emotions.

Day 3 of Development

At the end of Day 2, I had several issues that I couldn't figure out regarding styling, making components, and using icons. Today's focus is on learning and solving those issues.

End of Day 2 Issue: Icon inside the Input field

At the end of Day 2 I did a stand-up (Agile concept that prioritizes a daily team meeting) with my project's partner, Miguel Hernandez. One of my issues was having an icon inside the input field of the Log-in screen. He sent me a sample component as a solution from tailwindcomponents. Let's just say that it didn't work right out of the box. But it did give me a framework to start with and showed me that it could be done. This was my results:
Screenshot of Log-in screen with fixed input fields

Finding the perfect Icons

Afterward, I needed to install and use the incredible Fontawesome icons into the app. You can find this resource at Fontawesome.

End of Day 2 Issue: Making the Input fields reusable

Another issue from Day 2 was the wireframe's design called for the same styled input field to be used in multiple screens. While my input fields looked correct, they weren't reusable as components. I decided to make a new component based on my initial input field. I was able to use the new input component to create the Registration screen.
Screenshot of Registration screen

This is the wireframe that I hope I am coming close to building.

wireframe design

End of Day 2 Issue: Adding a font family class to Angular

The wireframe's design call for using a non-standard font family Nunito for the page title. The fixed involved updating the font family object in the theme inside the tailwind.config.js file.

What's Next

  • Tomorrow goal is to build out the user account setup screens and learn about Angular routing.

Stay on the lookout for a Day 4 breakdown blog post!!!

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