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In regard to tech (learning to code, working in tech, using technology, etc), what does resilience mean?

I asked this question to my local tech community, ”In regard to tech (learning to code, working in tech, using technology, etc), what does resilience mean to you?” For those who forgot, the definition is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. The following is a curated list of their amazing answers:

JC Smiley
Resilience means to me being able to fail over and over again while coding but never giving up. It also means not letting the pressure of these stressful times discourage yourself from soldiering on toward your goals. I will one day be a software developer.

Azhya Knox
Being resilient in tech is having the ability to not get bogged down by the “tutorial hell” or the “compiler confusion” or any of the other daily challenges that comes with tech. You have the ability to overcome those difficulties with breaking down steps to any problem, ask questions to those who have experienced similar issues, and never give up!

Corey McCarty
Resilience can mean several things.
Context switching is an important one. Being able to walk away from your code to actively participate in an unrelated meeting, and then being able to potentially jump deep into another issue quickly are all valuable steps.

Being able to work in multiple languages and to relate the things that you learn in one language to your work in another can be extremely impactful.

If you are working on a thing and it gets axed, then it's important to be able to realize that it isn't any judgement on you. The value of the thing was re-evaluated and found to be lacking in importance.

Code Reviews are about the code and not you. You can be an amazing developer and still have a bad day and turn out some terrible code.

Reinvention of a thing can be a really powerful thing. If you can make a thing with a certain idea in mind and at some point be able to recognize the value in changing a major part of it and tailor the design to work that way then you are dealing with a type of resilience that will translate into being a better long term maintainer.

Ryan McGovern
I mean, this means many different things. Most of the time, for me, this means finding alternative methods for accomplishing a goal that are enterprise acceptable due to my current workplace environment. But this has applications in applying for new/better positions, speaking, and learning.

Jenson David
Resilience mean continuing to feed the passion and never getting discouraged despite the many obstacles in tech

Dennis Kennetz
There are all types of obstacles we face on a day-to-day basis. For some, it is finding that first job, for others (myself) it is a manager and a mentor moving onto a new and better position in another city, and then the day-to-day troubles at work. Sometimes you feel like you don't have enough time to finish your tasks in the day. Sometimes you have an idea that gets shot down even though you feel like it might be the best way to proceed. The way I stay resilient is by trying to live this way, “Whatever you do work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.” I am resilient by always giving my best effort, and knowing that everything on earth is fleeting. In the context of my job, my manager is leaving, but he will be replaced and the organization will keep moving. If I was replaced, the organization would keep moving and my life would move on. That brings me peace when you realize that if you give your best, that's all you can do. The world will keep moving either way, so leave something good behind while you are where you are.

Lawrence Lockhart
Do it even though you're afraid
Do it even though you don't feel qualified
Do it even though people act like you don't belong
Do it even though you're an older black guy in the south trying
to break into tech
Do it when your family doubts you
Do it when you seem to face nothing but failure


  • Resilience means being able to fail over and over but never giving up.

  • Resilience means overcoming daily challenges by breaking them down into steps and asking questions.

  • Resilience means being able to context switch from coding, to an unrelated meeting, and then deep diving into another issue.

  • Resilience means being able to work on multiple languages.

  • Resilience means understanding that when a project is axed, it's not a judgement on you.

  • Resilience means understanding that code reviews are about the code and not about you.

  • Resilience means finding alternate methods of accomplishing a goal.

  • Resilience means continuing feeding the passion and not getting discourage.

  • Resilience means giving your best effort always knowing the world will continue no matter what.

  • Most Importantly, resilience means to do it even though you're afraid, feel under qualified, people treat you like you don't belong, if everything seem like a failure. In the inspiring words of Lawrence Lockhart, “Just Freaking Do It”.

Please help others learn by leaving a comment on what does resilience mean to you?. Thank You!!!

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