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Jonathan Danek
Jonathan Danek

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Easiest way to manage multiple Git users on the same machine

For a long time, I've been trying to figure out the easiest way to manage multiple git users on a single machine.
Currently I have 3 accounts:

  • Github - Work
  • Gitlab - Work
  • Github - Personal

Switching between these use to be a huge pain, but I've finally come up with setup thats so easy to setup and use.


Checkout the full post on my blog.

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Jesse Phillips

I think you're applying this single password per account incorrectly, and I started this way too.

With ssh keys you want to optimize for revocation. This means I key per server. If your work system is compromised, then all keys are compromised and you need to find and revoke each.

If you contribute to personal repo at work the use the work key and it is clear to remove when done with the work computer.