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Tips for Getting Your First Developer Job

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

I am sharing 5 Specific Tips for Getting Your First Developer Job by James Quick.

  1. Engage in community - being part of a community is impactful. Twitter as an example is where you can connect with other devs. I am currently connected to a Facebook community with self-taught programmers and slack channel with Clever Programmer students. Build your network. Build your career.

  2. Create BOMB portfolio projects - stand out not only through your resume but by creating BOMB projects (it proves your passion and demonstrates your ability to create one project from start to finish). Resume is just bunch of words, your portfolio project is the proof.

  3. Reach out to people - ask advice from tenure or senior devs. It never hurts to ask. Ask advice from people with specific job that you wanted to get. Start making connects and learn the job, companies and roles you wanted to work in.

  4. Create content - The best way to learn is to teach! Be visible!

  5. Practice confidence - Talk about yourself confidently! Feel really good of what you are and what you have accomplished. Pay attention to how you talk about yourself, what you build, and what you do.

I learned a lot here. Hope you'll do too!

To God be the glory!

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ananyadhananjaya profile image

This works for mid level devs too.. Good points!

eoluwaseun profile image

Well said 👏