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What do you hate most about being a developer?

Happy Friday!

Sometimes software development SUCKS...

Sometimes it is AWESOME...

Vent your frustrations here!
Exclaim your joys here!

Go nuts!
I'll start πŸ‘‡

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Jeffrey Fate

My current position requires that I "wear a lot of hats", which is a stereotype of all small companies or startups.

Personally, it is one of the worst situations I've been in because I can't focus. It takes a TON of mental energy to be the

product manager
product owner
tech lead
ops team

all at the same time.

I had to institute firefighting shifts (assign someone different to take all the incoming) each week to get any significant heads down time solving problems.

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Dan Fockler

The worst thing is when most of your work just goes out into the void with no feedback.

"Oh you spent a month building this feature, well once it's launched no one is going to say anything about it ever again. Thanks"

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Jeffrey Fate

I've found there's a double edged sword to be careful of. I had the same thought when I was about 5 people removed from the people using my software.

Now, I can interact directly with folks using my software, but understanding what they need is overwhelming and I need someone to translate it into a card in YouTrack.


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Mohammed Asker

Software developer is the only job that:

  • Makes you look smart and dumb at the same time
  • The project is not working and you don't know why and the project is working and you don't know why
  • People quarrelling over which tools is the best and to use when they are... just a tool

On a bright side, software developer is also the only job that:

  • Anyone can learn and get a job that pays well regardless of your background (age, sex, race, nationality, education, work experience, etc.)
  • Potential of making money in other areas like freelancing, consulting, starting a tech business, teaching online and much, much more! - you are not limited to a job
  • People will stop at nothing to help you succeed in your work/study
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Jeffrey Fate

You might enjoy this guy's channel (if you haven't seen it already):

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Jeffrey Fate

My favorite thing ALWAYS is persisting through the Valley of Despair to make something work.

Sometimes it takes a week, sometimes an hour. But, that feeling is like you are ON TOP OF THE WORLD!

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πŸ¦„N BπŸ›‘

Mostly how much it seems to reveal my own stupidity and poor time management, and the struggles of control over technology to the detriment of the technology itself.