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Jeremy Morgan
Jeremy Morgan

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Why I use OBS to Record Webcam Videos

Here I will do a comparison with the same webcam (Logitech 922 Pro), same microphone, and record it using:

  • Windows Camera
  • Logitech Capture
  • Camtasia
  • OBS Studio

And compare them all. OBS gives me the best results, as you'll see.

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Peter Kim Frank

This is great, really effective way to highlight the differences. Thanks for sharing!

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Adrian Sandu

I think that Camtasia does way too much compression on the webcam feed. It's like they don't expect it to be at full size. What works for a small-in-the-corner image is not what works on a full 1080p video. I ended up recording my videos using the Logitech Capture utility, then import the video into Camtasia (which is also my video editor)

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Allan N Jeremy

I have had this debate in my head as well, thanks for sharing Jeremy!