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TypeScript for Node.js Developers

A few years ago, I presented a session intended to help Node.js developers better understand the benefits of enhancing their JavaScript code by embracing TypeScript. I was fortunate to have David Neal in the audience. He is a talented artist and created this sketch that summarizes the talk.

The full presentation and repository are available on GitHub:

GitHub logo JeremyLikness / typescript-for-node

Presentation materials for Connect.Tech 2017. Covers building Node.js apps with TypeScript.

TypeScript for Node.js Develpment

This project contains the presentation and sample code for my "TypeScript for Node.js" session at Connect.Tech.

To get full details, including a related video walk through and description of the presentation, read the TypeScript for Node.js blog post.

Run the Presentation or view it as a PDF.


The Examples folder contains a simple project to illustrate various TypeScript features. The examples are best viewed from an IDE like Visual Studio Code for development-time feedback. You can:

npm run-script tsc builds JavaScript files from the examples.

node 001-types runs the first example.

npm run-script tsc:w builds and watches, useful for commenting/uncommenting code to walk through the example.

npm run-script tsc:es6 builds for ECMAScript 2015 to illustrate differences in output despite the same TypeScript source.


This is a very simple project to show basic setup for Node.js development.

npm run-script build to build it.

I recorded a short video to illustrate these concepts. In less than ten minutes, I demonstrate how to build a Node.js app that uses TypeScript from scratch. Check it out and let me know your thoughts!



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Typescript is awesome. Thanks for the post!