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Do you have a remote work, or remote co-working space horror story to tell? Call us with your answer!

DEV is in the process of launching a podcast and we'd love for you to be involved! We're recording most of the episodes in advance, and this week we'd like to know:

β€œDo you have a remote work, or remote co-working space horror story to tell?”

If you'd like to participate, please :

  • Call our Google Voice at +1 (929)500-1513 and leave a message πŸ“ž
  • Send a voice memo to πŸŽ™
  • OR, if you don't want your voice recorded...just leave a comment here and we'll read it aloud for you πŸ—£

Thank you!

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Christophe N. El-Khoury

Well. Recently, my brother and I split rooms. So I put my bed, setup, tools in my room and, well, my wardrobe was still in my brother's room. Mind you, he's a Tech Lead.

So one night I was getting ready to shower, I take off almost all of my clothes, walk into his room to get my PJs. The man was video-conferencing a potential candidate to his company. I'm not sure if I provided enough incentive for him to join.

jess profile image
Jess Lee

hahaha, oh no!

leewynne profile image
Lee • Edited

Yeth. Well this week I was hosting a really crucial (at least in my mind) group video conference call with lots of important (in their mind) people. Anyway, the call lasted 30 mins, one minute in, one of my kids sends a mega print job to our wireless printer (it’s 10 inches from my head, on a shelf) and I had a brain seizure as I carried on talking in what sounded like a machine room with paper endlessly shooting off the shelf behind me. It kept printing for like 10 whole minutes πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

bizzy237 profile image

I don't know, conference calls with power tools in the background are kinda normal where I'm from since everyone has at least one neighbor constantly repairing their apartment