Title suggestions for a history of computer science mini web series?!

Jess Lee on October 05, 2018

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  • Ada and Friends
  • History of Code
  • Byte-sized History
  • Big O(ral) History
  • Machine History
  • Threads in Time
  • History Compiled
  • GOTO: A history of Code
  • Hard-coded History
  • While True History

+1 for History Compiled

if it doesn't get used I'm going to totally steal it at some point...


Here are some ideas based on how far back you want to go:

Complexity solved, ancient to modern

Mechanical Turk:
Fraud to God machines

Punch cards / mechanical calculators:
IO, from gears to Alpha Go


Ooh! Thanks for suggesting topics. I was actually looking for ideas on a title encompass a series that consists of topics similar to the ones you suggested!


Everyone's mind is immediately going to puns. I usually do the same, but I actually don't think there's much wrong with The history of computer science: a mini web series.


What about Hello World! ?

I think these two words can represent much about computer science.
And you can add something else to it to sound it better...


DEVHistory | History of Computer Science: From Lovelace to Linux


I would seriously ask some non programmer friends, maybe they come up with names that surprise you!

For example, if it were a geology mini web series I would call it: "Such things we're all made of" which is also a straight up rip off from Shakespeare's The Tempest

Well, I'm bad at naming stuff :D


"Show All History" / "Show Full History", that's what Safari/Chrome call their menu bar entries and it find it quite fitting.


This suggestion didn't get nearly as much love as it deserves. It's an excellent title.



The Turing Tapes

Processing History



The Pseudocode

Bottom Up History

History Stand-up

History Points


A(da) to Z(uckerberg): A Random Walk through CS history

PS. My point being it's a good time to put the spotlight on the people (especially hidden figures) and not just the tech.


DEV | Bits and Bots: A history of computer science (Mini web series)


Ummm, how about just "History of Computer Science"? :-)


The journey of 0 & 1 to 0 - 1

To show how we have moved from binary to quantum computing


I think Computer Science: the history or Computer Science through the years would be good titles

They let you know exactly what you will get :)


"Turing Through Computer Science History with some Lovelaced In" - my terrible pun recommendation.


What about -
"Bits, bytes and bots: The history of computer science"


Thought of another one -

Bytes, bits and boots: The history of CS


The Origin of Computer Science

Fact or Myth: CS


Title: One's & Zero's

Subtitle: a brief history of computer science

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