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I'm talking about Learning CSS Through Creating Art, Facial Recognition in JavaScript, and how to build a portfolio! I've been accepted at a couple so far, which is exciting, but I just started submitting for the spring a few weeks ago!

I have submitted to a bunch of places, and will continue to do so. I've found a lot of them through this, this, and then local groups for DC conferences!


Ooh, awesome! Thanks for sharing these resources :)


Your posts rock. I'm certain the talks will be great.


Thanks for sharing that list. This discussion has made me think of applying for tech conferences. Any pointers for a first-time speaker? My only experience presenting has been at symposiums related to epidemiological modeling.


Hmm, well it sounds like you've presented before so I'd apply the same techniques there as you would in a talk (eye contact, project your voice, speak slowly, add pauses, etc).

I always prefer tech talks with slides that have large and minimal text. Format-wise, I tend to follow this: tell the audience what you're going to tell them, tell it to them, remind them what you just told them.


This resource was given out at an event I was at last weekend! It has a bunch of awesome resources.


There are also a couple of CodeNewbie podcast episodes about conference speaking, which are awesome!

I would say to practice a bunch for people, make sure your slides and content are really good to go far beforehand, and then don't worry too much once you are up there! The audience wants you to succeed!

Workshops are kind of my bread and butter because I teach fulltime. I love having time for audience participation and coming up with activities!


I've submitted to NDC Oslo and PGConf US so far. My abstract discusses data access patterns in Node.js, how JavaScript frees us from many of the constraints which have solidified the object-relational mapper pattern, and what we gain by committing (if you will) to a single RDBMS and going for broke. No points for guessing which RDBMS 😉


I've submitted a web-performance-oriented talk to a few conferences. The content will be a bit different depending on the conference. I'll be giving it at CodeLand. You can see my speaker page here. This is a newbie-oriented conference, but I'll have more advanced talks on the topic.

And, of course, as I mentioned here, I'll be giving workshops on this topic as well. I think in 2019 I'll move my core teaching focus elsewhere, but for 2018 I'm excited to go deep on this topic.


Codeland Conference looks really neat! Do you know if they're still accepting speaker applications? I couldn't find anything online.


Yes, it appears to be closed earlier this month. Wasn't aware of this specific one. I like that the target audience is more impressionable. Any pointers on other conferences geared towards a similar audience?


I've submitted to a few which I don't even remember because I don't keep track of them. But I remember submitting to Booster Conference and DrupalCon. I'm not that interested in submitting this year as I was last year.


I'm not that interested in submitting this year as I was last year.

How come?


It takes time, energy and money to go about the visa process. Especially for the money, for some I got accepted to speak at, I had to travel to another city and also pay the visa fees. At the end, visa not granted. I basically, don't have any budget for such expenses atm. For now, I'm putting those resources on my side projects.

I feel your pain. When I worked in Epidemiological Modeling, we held symposiums in the Seattle area. It was very difficult for people from abroad to come to the U.S.

I think you're going to have to create a conference in Nigeria and invite everyone to come speak ;).

This is a great idea. Inviting everyone to come speak here in Nigeria. Would be awesome. Thank you :)


Well, none. Most of the conferences in Turkey is like advertising campaign.


I submitted to PHPConf in Turkey, and a couple other I can't remember. Also submitted to DevConf south africa last year and got accepted for march this year. I intend to submit a lot more but I need to understand which so I don't get overlaps haha

Oh yeah submitting to Dinosaur JS later today


I tried to be selected at ElixirConf (EU) on "Handle errors in a concurrent system" but I wasn't selected (too high for my first conference :p ).

I will try to be selected at GameCamp (french game developers conference), I have two talks in mind: "Building a fervent community through API's" and "Scalable back-end: lessons from the IT".

But maybe I should start with simple meet-ups instead of trying big conferences.


For the people who would like to speak about PHP, DevOps and JavaScript "PHPKonf İstanbul PHP Conference"'s Call for Papers ending in 5 days. You can submit your proposals here.


There was a conference that I was interested in submitting to in March I think that was specifically looking for new speakers, but I got cold feet. So now I am looking for other conferences!


Check if JS Conf EU still has the CFP open. Another new speaker friendly is JS Conf Budapest. Pretty nice organizers.


I would love to join any conference related to Algorithm. Any recommendations? Thanks

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