What do you think of the new Go logo?

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I got a hilarious message from my friend about Go's new look & logo announcement. It went something like this:


Then I sent her the fine print:

Rest easy, our beloved Gopher Mascot remains at the center of our brand.

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It would be also a good fit for low-cost airlines, accompanied by a slogan “Just go!”


I hate to admit it because I like Golang but you are right. Haha


First look feels like a new brand to overthrow Uber and Amazon. O_O
Second look feels like its a modern entity. Something that promotes professionalism.

Even though it looks nice but somehow it lacks the programming context. Hmm, what could be missing? There, it misses the thing. And, the vertical stripes are too small.


This might be unpopular. While I think the Go Gopher is a super fun character, I also really like the updated logo and professional look. I'm also getting some of those classic "Hot Wheels" vibes, in a good way. Speed, speed, speed.


I think it's a bit boring, doesn't really have the gopher's personality, but is clean and probably serves its purpose.

I'm sure they feel that Go has established itself enough that they can get away from cutesy gimmicks.

On the logo, ultimately


Gopher hasn't stopped being the mascot, though. The old logo was very similar to the new logo, but a pencil sketch version instead of the more formal version it is now.


I dislike it personally.

However I feel like if you look past your own feelings, this can mark an
important step in the development of the language.

The first time I looked at Go, the website look and feel made it seem more like a research project / niche language rather than the reliable, solid language that it is, neither did it reflect how rich and vibrant it's community is.

Perhaps this will help newer developpers pick up the language, and make picthing it internally easier in some companies.

And for that, ultimately, having good branding is useful.

I dislike it on the basis of my own taste and nostalgic bias. But that doesn't mean we should throw it out with the bath water.


Reminds me of the New Balance logo a bit.
But as long as they keep the Gopher I'm cool with it. To me the Gopher is on the same level as octocat...also there are sooo many cool Gopher designs that it would just be a shame


I love it! For whatever reason, I love all of the logos for the different languages (I'm a sucker for Python's) and I was unimpressed with the old "hand drawn" one that Go used to have. Glad we still have the Gopher, though!


Seems straight out of the Cars movie.

My favorite version is the black and white one.


Seconded on the black and white; I also like the white and blue because it reminds me of the Gopher colors.


No a fan. It does not indicate that Go is a programming language. It only indicates that Go is fast; it kind of beats you over the head with it. It's like the whole design spec was "wooosh, but minimalist"

I'll never be able to look at this and not just think of my prior ISP: Wave G waveg.wavebroadband.com


Fair point. On the other hand, I've never written a single line of Go, but what I know about it is that it's fast. It powers my static site generator of choice, Hugo, and I swear that thing breaks warp speed. So a "this is a thing that is fast" logo is pretty on-brand.


Not that big of a fan. The logo looks more like it's for a toy car brand than a programming language, and it doesn't fit well with the Gopher.


I like it. Very clean and simple just like the language.


Looks like a brand of running shoes. Even with the fine print, bring back the gopher! I need my boy!


Without Gopher on it... this new logo has no special meaning, it could be anything except Golang


WHAT IS THIS BULLSHIT. For real though I like that the logo gets the point across but cute gopher. I love Renèe French's logos like Glenda the bunny


Does it mean I can now use the previous Go gopher logo as my brand logo?


To be honest, I couldn't care less.

I don't feel anything from looking any logo.


I saw this on my twitter feed. I did not know this was about the Go language so I read past it. I guess that says enough.


As with most programming things, as an outsider it makes absolutely no sense. If I saw this on a billboard by the highway, I'd think "Oh gosh, a creepy truck stop with morally questionable vending machines and the scent of chili dogs and pine sol. I'm not going in there."

As a designer who has focused on brand development for the last near decade, I find it disappointing. However, it is making people talk.


Looks like they are putting on a corporate suite, which they can use when needed. And I can understand why.

To quote the brand book, one target segment is : CIOs, CTOs & Tech Leads

Hence it brings back up the struggle of "being cute" - where some big heads (who makes the final say on nearly no information) just wouldn't take it seriously sadly otherwise =(

Personally love the Gophie, but as a startup founder myself who sometimes sells to enterprises - I face a similar problem on having a cute cake logo as our branding.

I understand the struggle 😢

Hope they can keep a balance and please both sides


Go is no more. I loved this thing they had before. Now it is really a gas station or car sharing service.


The real tragedy is picking a name as ambiguous as Go.


My first impression: Is it a parcel delivery service now? 🤔


Gopher lovers -- the gopher is still in the brand book: storage.googleapis.com/golang-asse... -- page 21.

Was the gopher ever the logo?


The new go logo is fit for a fast food chain. With a race track for a drive-through. lol


A couple more lines, and it'd look like a bicycle. Which would be an improvement.


I got upset until i saw this wasn't real lol...

I didn't want to lose the gopher :\

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