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What was your win this week?

jess profile image Jess Lee (she/her) twitter logo github logo ・1 min read


Looking back on your week -- what was something you're proud of?

All wins count -- big or small 🎉

Examples of 'wins' include:

  • Getting a promotion!
  • Starting a new project
  • Fixing a tricky bug
  • Cleaning your house...or whatever else that may spark joy 😄


Happy Friday!

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I was bored to write my college assignment so I wrote a tool that lets you turn text content to an image that looks like habdwriting😂

GitHub logo saurabhdaware / text-to-handwriting

So your teacher told you to upload written assignments on ERP? Hate writing assigments? This tool will help you convert your text to handwriting xD

This is what the output looks like right now
Sample output image from the app that almost looks like it is the picture clicked after writing on a paper with pen


I had the exact same idea but never implemented it.😪😪😪 Anyways, I hope that you don’t have to write those lengthy assignments💩 anymore..😂


I just had a virtual on-site final interview and I think I crushed it! Each interview with this company and each new person I’ve met has made me more and more excited about the possibility of working there.

I’ll hear back next week. 🤞🏼❤️


Good luck, Victoria! I'm rooting for you.


Congrats, hope you land it! Also, a fellow former citizen of Wheeling I see!


Yes! For 4 years. My dad was born and raised there. It holds a special place in my heart.

Nice! I worked for the Nailers a few years back for an internship, stayed for a very entertaining 8 months. NorCal guy and East Coast winters do not mix haha.

This is crazy! I also interned for the Nailers as an athletic trainer during the 2014-15 season.

I was there a year before you actually 13-14 season! Small world haha.

  • Finished a week of the CS50 course
  • Got to code for a straight week
  • Understand more CS concepts with CS50
  • Planned another project that hopefully this time, I could finally start

I'm creating an online course on pandas, launches in April 😅 Excited and nervous!


Since it's important to stay isolated right now, I sent my friend a virtual cupcake on their birthday. 🍰

cupcake made in Blender

I have to give credit to these 2 tutorials for their help:


I finally built the covid-19 tracker that I was planning for a long long time!
Also wrote an article about it here: 😀


I released two major updates for my CMS and with that I was able to finish the upgrade for my portfolio. The best thing: the rss feed now includes the entire article as HTML. This means I no longer have to edit the post on this platform and can just post right away. Less work for me 😁


Seeing your post!
It filled me with:


I updated my windows 10 to the latest version and also installed WSL, and I'm ♥️ it.

I made this in Figma, and after this thinking about creating Dribbble.

I also signed up for a virtual Meetup as a speaker 🔥


Got our mortgage fully approved finally. We move in to our new house on April 14th.


Here in Bangladesh, there's no centralized data portal or access to track general mass users. The bigger community don't really use updated versions of Android too which makes it harder to develop applications for end-users. Plus they don't really comprehend videos from Vox, Kurzgesagt animations, WHO instructions - none of them were in the native language. Lack of content in native language about COVID-19 created mass misinformation - which is why I took an initiative, developed a full-stack app, web, backend, data portal for the govt authority to check & cover up all the COVID-19 cases in real-time. Slack CEO & Flickr Co-Founder Stewart made free upgrades to my slack workspace too, a lot of others offered to help & collab - leading me to fast-track the development in just 7 days. It was a big win for me this week I'd say, was unsure if I could pull this off with just 2 other devs but I did. <3

More on LinkedIn:


I just launched my first project landing page ( with some friends ! We even won an award for our pitch today, I am really proud of us.


Good job!
Do you need help with CSS? There are some issues, especially on mobile view.


Thanks ! I created this website with Gatsby and Tailwind CSS, I tried to make it mobile friendly (with the Chrome devtools). What are those issues ?


I am discovering more about Android system API functions from AOSP (Android Open Source Project) and have the opportunity to use them for a client that develops their own Android devices.
Currently making our own "startup wizard" that lets a user set some basic device settings on first boot (language, wifi, timezone, ...).


Finally found the energy to put some on my content on its own blog. The site is live now, here.

I was so happy to find a static site generator with multi-language support and code syntax highlight already built-in.


This week I worked to develop my own site . This is just 3 days young and I hope it will grow. I am re-learning about the cookie, local storage, session storage and session in detail.
The review is the best thing I need at the moment to raise traffic and improve quality.
Here is the screenshot of the landing page:


I organized and led a retrospective for the first time on our team of 10!


Not too long, not too short—a Goldilocks retrospective, if you will 😊

Thanks for asking!


I started The Daily Bootup, a half-hour morning livestream in which I discuss questions on Remote Work with my viewers. I hope it can help some of the people who are finding themselves thrust into working from home all of a sudden!

  • Got my first API with PostgreSQL DB on AWS RDS up and running.
  • Learned about and implemented PG Promise to connect and query a DB using raw SQL files.
  • Migrated to a remote Test DB using knex-migrate-sql-file by ozum
  • Set up and Seeded the same DB using raw SQL files via knex by vitaly-t
  • Set up testing of the API on the RDS instance with mocha / chai to run with an npm script.

I wrote an article about asynchronous programming in C#, and I think it's my best article so far :) I'm really proud of it (you'll see it here Tuesday or Wednesday )


Stayed alive for least for now.
Delved into k8s' various layers.
Used/learned about minikube and helm to deploy applications. Be safe everyone.


i created my portfolio in reactjs and i feel sick also link of my portfolio


I became a GitKraken ambassador and gave my first lightning talk to our students at Tech Elevator. Topic: What to Expect as a new Junior Developer


Finally add tests to my flask app. Was struggling with modules and packaging in Python, but finally win!! Now my project has tests and the CI is testing every commit that I made!!!


Reached 5.3k followers on 🎊🎉
Followers count

So grateful to the DEV Community.


I started a new job at
I am going to be using elm's great power for a good cause!


Published a post on complexity so there is that!


Didn't kill the wife and kids after 2weeks stuck at home


Relaunched my limited company website with referral scheme, better solutions section and hopefully a lot neater and more commercial - hopefully.


started a 6 weeks program in order to teach some friends to code


I learned how to combine kedro catalogs and submitted it as a feature request.

[KED-1512] Ability to add catalogs together #302


I am would like to request the ability to add two DataCatalog objects together to get the addition of the two. This will improve the ability to reuse pipelines and catalogs from existing projects.


Let's say I already have two DataCatalogs loaded in c1 and c2. I would like the ability to add them together.

full_catalog = c1 + c2


I am trying to combine pipelines from two different projects. Kedro natively gives me the ability to add the pipelines together, but not the DataCatalog

Possible Implementation

Create a new DataCatalog using dictionary unpacking from the individual DataCatalogs. In the case of duplicates the second catalog will take preference.

def __add__(self, other):
   DataCatalog({**self.__dict__['_data_sets'], **other.__dict__['_data_sets']})

I posted another article in my series about my open source project JS flaschards!


Made another week without Rona and also was able to get CI/CD hooked up with new AWS account. Lots of freaking variables and if statements


Finished a rust side project that "recites" morse code called morsite. Planning to make a blog post about it here on dev soon.


Okay one more, I got featured in one of the biggest college community in Chennai

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