Which conferences are you submitting CFPs to?

jess profile image Jess Lee (she/her) ・1 min read

A bunch of us on the DEV team submitted to RailsConf last week! If you're one to give a talk/workshop, which conferences are you hoping to speak at this year?


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Top of my list to speak at(but it's a long shot!) is EuRoKo Rotterdam. They only have spots for 10 speakers but my fingers are crossed! 🤞

I also applied to RubyKaigi. I have never been to Japan and I think going to give a talk and be with like minded people would be an incredible way to visit for the first time.

I applied to a few other's stateside but honestly the international ones are what I am currently most excited about.
Stateside CFPs:


A handful of folks from our team submitted to Railsconf. Hope we see you there!


Congrats on getting accepted at RailsConf! Saw you on the speakers list!


Thank you!!! I was on vacation when I found out. It hasn't even really sunk in yet but I am pumped!


No Python developers here? :-)
I've submitted to PyCon US for the first time and now I'm checking the website every day for the results (I know that they will probably send an email first, but still :-P).


I applied for JSConf US and JSConf Budapest. Fingers crossed for both conferences. 🤞


Gophercon San Diego!

I went to Gophercon Iceland last year and gave myself a stretch goal of speaking at Gophercon.

Since then I thought about what I wanted to talk about and did a talk about tests at my local meetup. I hope to take an iteration of that talk stateside.

It's a very popular conference though, apparently almost 100 CFPs have happened already so I'm not super-optimistic but you never know.


I'm working up the nerve to submit to gophercon. I suppose I better get on it if I'm going to only a few days left.


Giving my first ever talk at Nordic APIs Austin Summit in May! Super excited, and hope to do more this year. Also submitted talks for API The Docs Chicago and API Days SF.


I have only done CFPs so far, my first was to an Omaha Security conference, Kernelcon and the second was to KCDC, Kansas City Developer Conference. I actually got accepted to speak at Kernelcon (my first!) and still am waiting to hear on KCDC.


Actually, today I submitted my first time ever. I'd like to speak about how important communication is and what helped me to improve it at DevDay, a small one day developer conference in Dresden, Germany.


I will submit to the International conference on Relation Algebraic Methods in Computer Science with a theory of transactions in distributed information systems. This should solve the problems with transactions in NoSQL databases.


Plucked up the courage to submit my first talk to DDD North!



And was accepted and did the talk last Saturday!

I can now say with great certainty, it's good to push yourself out of your comfort zone once in a while :-)


I'm waiting the confirmation about BrazilJS 2019. It will might happens this year again.


At the end of last year, I submitted my first ever CFPs. One to CSSconf.EU and one to JSConf.EU (they were mentioned in the same tweet, so I thought "might as well try both."


I likely will submit to Connect.Tech, though that isn't until later in the year.


This week, I'm focusing on a CFP for Write the Docs Portland.


I received over a hundred submissions for dtn.is


Question please. At what point did you feel you were ready to submit a talk proposal for the first time? What made you decide to do it, "now"?


I got lucky. Being one of the co-founders of DEV, the first few times I gave talks was because people approached me about it. The first CFP I submitted (which I didn't get!) was a joint talk with someone who had already been giving talks regularly. That helped me feel more comfortable about putting myself out there.

I think 'now' is when you have an idea or message you'd like to share. If you're noodlin' with some concepts, I'd go through the exercise of putting a talk together. If that's uphill battle, maybe you're not ready but chances are, you have something to say and you are ready!


All the security events that come across my screen.
All of them.

Most of them in Spain, tho.


I submitted to JSConf EU and JSConf Budapest! I'm making it my goal to give a talk at at least1 conference this year!