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Dcasso - Simple Doodling Game that made TOP Blockstack apps?

If you're familiar with Blockstack, they have monthly app mining contest where each dapp will be ranked (scored by multiple methods) and paid from $20,000 to a couple of cents per app. Pretty nice deal right?
It is true that Dcasso ( has been ranked top 30 and earning over $5,500 every month since November 2019, by being a doodling game.
BUT, is Dcasso JUST a doodling game? Let's take a deeper look into what it is.

From the app description, I got
Alt Text
"Dcasso is a fun and judgement-free drawing platform.
• It's not about drawing the best sketch, because there are many tools out there to serve that purpose.
• Dcasso is a game where you're given a random prompt and a set time, you're tested on how fast and creative you can come up with a drawing."

So yes Dcasso IS a doodling game, but with a twist. Taking a look at hundreds of sketches on Dcasso, I actually ended up laughing at many of them. Due to the time constraint, most sketches ended up being creative, or "creative". Although Dcasso might not be privacy-focused, it does bring an entertainment value to Blockchain and Blockstack community. Dcasso seems to be one of those apps that actually bring non-crypto users to the Blockchain community because of the value Dcasso offers. I'm new to decentralization. For utility apps, I found it harder to switch from centralized apps like Google Docs to Blockstack suite app due to my habits, but I don't find it hard to try out and keep coming back to decentralized games.

After all, maybe it's worth taking a shot at
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