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Holding Open Advice 1:1s

Hi 👋 I'm Jess.

I've been doing a lot of 1:1 and scaled tech community outreach, usually focusing on offering support to folks getting into the tech industry, folks who want to move up in their career or folks with questions about tech education options.

As part of this outreach, I've been offering 1:1 calls with people wanting short, one off personal support.

A tweet offering 1:1 calls

I've really enjoyed doing these 1:1 calls, so have documented the tools I use and my process for running them. I thought some of you might also want to run 1:1 advice calls for beginners in your bit of tech. I've written up (hopefully) everything you need to get started here.

If you do try running your own open 1:1 calls, I would love to hear how it goes. Feedback (and PRs!) gratefully welcomed.

Good luck, and happy advising 💖

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Sam Texas

Thanks for this, and I appreciate the template you have put together. I've had a similar idea, but spanning it out across the entire body of knowledge and experience I've acquired as a CTO/engineering manager.

Do you plan to build on this idea with more templates?

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Jessica Rose

I am! I was going to hold off and get a bit of feedback on the current draft, then flesh out different approaches that might work best for different settings.

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Sebastian Vargr • Edited

Love it!

I would love to read more about what you have learned from these kind of calls.

Are there general themes to peoples worries, how much of the talks are practical info, story-telling(your experiences) or just plain ol' confidence boosting to take a career leap etc. :)

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Jessica Rose

This is such a good question.

From memory I would estimate that about 20% of people that I talk to are looking for early career advice (getting their first job, resume/CV writing, interviews).

Maybe another 30% are asking about problems at work or with their career.

15% are asking really specific things that I don't know how to answer.

But a good 30% are folks who are (to my knowledge) already doing everything they need to get the result they want. Here, I just get to reassure them.

Maybe 5% is just cool, weird unexpected things.

I'll do a more detailed writeup soon!