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I've created another LightDM Greeter

Through these past months, I’ve read a lot the LightDM documentation. Now I’m kind confident that I could create all the greeters I want in any time. That’s why I created another one!

Before, I said I updated web-greeter, read my post. This new greeter is practically the same, a LightDM greeter that allows to create wonderful themes with web technologies, like HTML, CSS and JavaScript! The difference is the language that’s based on: Node.js with Electron. I named it Nody Greeter

Why another web based greeter?

Why not? I mean, options are great! If you want to use a greeter with Python running behind it, that’s okay, but if you want a bit more performance, Nody Greeter is meant for that.

Node.js is fast, really fast, not as much as C/C++, but in contrast to Python, it’s a great improvement.

Check this video to see the difference.

Note this may vary. Sometimes web-greeter is faster, sometimes nody-greeter, but in general I could say nody-greeter is more responsive.

Is there any difference?

Practically, there are no differences, both web-greeter and nody-greeter do the same. Their API is the same, so every theme working in web-greeter should work without problems in nody-greeter.

Although, there are some differences:

  • Nody Greeter is faster than Web Greeter
  • As Web Greeter is interpreted, its python dependencies should be always present. Update Python and it breaks. Nody Greeter is built with Electron, so no dependencies.

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