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🌠 Listing My GitHub Stars

starred is a Python tool to create a repository that lists all your GitHub stars by topic.

Having a list of your stars organized by topic helps you as well as others to explore that database of curated know-how from another angle than what GitHub's web interface provides. On the “Stars” tab of your profile page, you can filter by language / technology or a keyword, and sort the list by history, popularity, or activity.

The starred CLI tool gets all your stars via the GitHub API and writes them to a README file that is then committed into a dedicated repository in your account.

The end result looks like this:

Sample ‘Starred’ Listing

This also makes it easy to search for repositories and their descriptions, by using the in-page search of your bowser (Ctrl-F).

While we're on the topic of searching for keywords in your stars, the oh-my-stars tool does just that.


But that has to wait for another post…

Image credits: John Vermette

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