Hands on Machine Learning

jitmanewtyagi profile image Jitmanew Tyagi ・1 min read

I know Machine Learning concepts in fair depth, but when I proceed for building models, I cannot descide what should be the flow, how should I process with the data, for example I know all major types of graphs but while EDA, I find it hard to descide which features to use? Suggest me ways so that I can increase the working knowledge not just theoretical one.


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I would always recommend practice more and get your hands dirty. :) My team just completed an open-sourced Content Moderation Service built with Node.js, TensorFlowJS, and ReactJS that we have been working over the past weeks. We have now released the first part of a series of three tutorials - How to create an NSFW Image Classification REST API so feel free to play around with it and fork it (no ML experience needed to get it working). Any comments & suggestions are more than welcome. Thanks in advance!
(Fork it on GitHub or click🌟star to support us and stay connected🙌)


Hey, thanks for suggesting. I'll surely check that out.