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Extending An Iterator


  1. How to design a skip iterator
  2. Java's Iterator reference
  3. C#'s IEnumerator reference
  4. Wikipedia article on iterators


  • Iterators allow us to traverse and access elements in collections without the use of indexing.
  • Iterators expose a consistent way to traverse all types of data structures, making the code more resilient to change.
  • Iterators can allow the underlying collection to be modified during traversal, unlike when using indexing to iterate over a collection (like using a for loop on an array). This can mean insertion/deletion of items during traversal.
  • Iterators exist in many languages, in C# they are called enumerators.
  • Time & Space complexity in the code comments

Below you will find a class that takes an enumerator in it's constructor and extends the basic functionality of an iterator with the addition of Skip(), Peek(), & Remove() operations:

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