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Checking If An Undirected Graph Is Bipartite

2021/01/05 - The previous C# code sample implemented the algorithm incorrectly. A corrected Java implementation has been added in its place.

If you are unfamiliar with graphs, check out some of my earlier posts on them.


  1. Video explanation
  2. Brief video overview (clip in larger video)
  3. Explanation


  • A bipartite graph (bigraph) is a graph where the vertices can be divided into two disjoint, independent, sets u and v. Every edge will connect a vertex from one set to the other (without self referencing edges - I.E edges going from a vertex in u to another vertex in u).
  • One way to visualize a bipartite graph, is to colour all the vertices in a set the same colour. Set u could be red vertices, whereas v could be black. This would mean an edge would always consist of a red and black pair of vertices.
  • This type of two-colouring is impossible in non-bipartite graphs. Think of a graph with three vertices arranged in a triangle. We cannot represent this graph as two independent sets, and we cannot two-colour it in such a way that will allow each edge to have different coloured endpoints.
  • One way in which we can check if a graph is bipartite, is to run a depth-first search (DFS) over the vertices. Applying two colouring to the graph.
    • Start at a random vertex v and colour it colour1 (red, for example).
    • Colour all adjacent vertices u the opposite colour of v. For each adjacent u, also recursively call our DFS routine.
    • If a graph is bipartite, we can complete this two-colouring without a contradiction.
    • If the graph is not bipartite, then at some point a vertex will get both colours - and this contradiction means we cannot achieve a two-colouring of the graph.
  • Time complexity is O(v + e) for an adjacency list. Space complexity is O(v). For an adjacency matrix, the time & space complexity would be O(v^2).

Undirected graph that can be two-coloured:

Undirected graph that cannot be two-coloured:
Not Bipartite

Below are implementations for checking if undirected graphs are bipartite. There is solutions for both undirected adjacency list & adjacency matrix representations of graphs:

As always, if you found any errors in this post please let me know!

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