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Forem as hybrid blog+mailing-list, substack style?

TL:DR Has someone thought about/tried to build a mailing list based on your DEV/Forem feed?

More context:

Email (with mailing-list) is, while clearly tricky, perhaps the most underrated way of spreading your content to your audience. Which sounds like a better long-term strategy than feeding Twitter, Facebook's and other asocial media's need for more data, and hoping they never change their algorithms. has gotten lots of traction by doing this right.

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But in fact this is also a blog, automatically built when you add content, and that you can read at

Forem is primarily a blog but maybe there is a way to build a mailing-list around the content you produce?


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Christophe Colombier

I'm not sure to understand.

The feed of what you produce is available here[username]

So here is mine

Here is yours

So then, any software that allow to transform an rss feed newsletter is OK, no ?

Did I miss something ?

I just googled them, i didn't test them.

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Jean-Michel πŸ•΅πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Fayard

Hello, it's probably me who miss something.I never used a mailing-list software. If everything works well via RSS 2 (mailchimp|mailerlite|...) then that solves my issue.

Thanks for the links!

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Christophe Colombier

I'm happy it solves your issue.