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Why A Developer Should Learn React.js in 2021?

Why A Developer Should Learn Reactjs?

Learning new skills is always nice but you should learn something that actually will turn out fruitful in future. Choose a skill that is worth your time and money. Learning React JS is good to start because it is very popular throughout the globe among web developers.

About React.js
React(also known as React.js or React JS) is an open-source, front end, JavaScript library for building user interfaces or UI components. It is maintained by Facebook and a community of individual developers and companies. React Image

React.js is one of the most critical front-end libraries you can use in modern JavaScript development. It enables you to build highly reactive user interfaces that provide a fast and mobile-app-like user experience.

React.js is already extremely popular. Its popularity has risen continuously over the past years, and I see absolutely no reason why that should change.

It is vastly used by professional developers and there are plenty of job opportunities in the digital field for anyone who has command over React JS. React is a Javascript library that is simple to its users and uses minimal coding. In short, it won't be incorrect if we say that React simplifies the life of a developer.

Importance Of Learning React
Mastering React can enable you to get hold of a lucrative and financially rewarding job. There is a strong market demand for people who are well versed in React as it is used to create both web and mobile applications. One should never have second thoughts about perusing courses to learn React.

It will focus on being a library for component-based UI creation - with all its strengths and weaknesses. The future of React.js is very bright.With the power of modern JavaScript and ReactJs, the web development becomes exiting and addictive.

Again, knowing general web developer skills like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is a must for working as a web developer, but the more skills like React that you stack on top of your foundation, the more in-demand you will be to employers and the more money you can earn. And when you look at the time investment it takes to learn a skill like React JS (literally a handful of months) that investment becomes a no-brainer. Part of being a successful web developer is staying on top of current technologies, and right now .React is at the top of the web technology heap.
Once you learn React with your full potential and learn full features of React, you probably never gonna think to leave React.

So that was it from this article😇. Please share your thoughts/comments/feedback.

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davenguyenhuy profile image
Nguyen Huy Cuong • Edited

I think, spaghetti code comes from bad developers, not from any languages/libs/frameworks.

hasnaindev profile image
Muhammad Hasnain

Believe it or not, I wrote a post arguing against React and other frameworks, but since it is so popular, the main focus became React. Honestly, people were out for my blood. It wasn't a pleasant experience and I removed the post.

Newbie developers, I don't blame them. They are jumping onto the hype-train because of the "senior" developers that are utterly biased and can't see beyond their opinions. They're making the community toxic.

soulsbane profile image
Paul Crane

Ah, shouldn't have removed it. I would have liked to read it. Just ignore the comments as it's just your opinion. If people don't like it that is their problem :)

prateekoraon profile image
Prateek Oraon

I worked with Angular for a year and now I am facing problems joining new companies.
Everyone today wants React.

jobpick profile image

Don't lose hope, as a developer you have to update yourself!👍🏻

davenguyenhuy profile image
Nguyen Huy Cuong • Edited

total agreed, I can work with both React and Vue, if some day my job requires me to learn Angular, I will be ready, it's all about javascript and the DOM :D

davenguyenhuy profile image
Nguyen Huy Cuong • Edited
  1. Every codebase will easy become a mess with complicated-logic and low-scale strategy, React hooks help us easier to build component, it doesn't mean react class component can not expand, it's just a update of react like VueJS composition API (I see it's just same idea, structure compare to hooks).
  2. React DevTools just shows us the truth of our project, using js-frameworks means you have to deal with so much abstract layers, you can debug every things in project, it works well everyday, its just like you debug html element and that's why its not problem. btw, you and me can use anything we love and frameworks war means nothing. They are just tools to help us solving problems, if you understand one enough, you can do everything with them.
raibtoffoletto profile image
Raí B. Toffoletto

Technology will change through the years. We just need to adapt, and spaghetti code can happen in any language/framework.
People think of JavaScript as a bad language... I think it is just different, it's more dynamic so demands more self strictness and cleaness to write good code. I've seen spaghetti code in Java, C#, Python.... I think we should be aware of other tech available and understand their strengths and drawbacks because in the end they are all tools. My first OOP program was a mess.... as was my React, till I got into it deeper and learn how to better code for that language/framework. Don't hate on different techs, just know that there's not only one source of Truth. jQuery is still by far the most used JavaScript framework on the web. 😉

devbyrayray profile image
Dev By RayRay

In the end, it doesn't matter if you pick React, Angular, Vue, Svelte, or jQuery.
Every application starts small and well thought, but eventually, it will grow into a large codebase and complexity. You can't avoid that.

There is no way that React, Angular, Vue, or Svelte is better than the other. They are maybe more suitable for different scenarios.

Yes, React is simple to start. It offers a lot of freedom if you compare it to Angular. There is a lot of freedom to pick other libraries in combination with React, but this comes with a significant amount of responsibility. Next to the responsibility, not every React developer will use the same thing for state management. So the knowledge is more widely spread.

Compare that to Angular. Angular is a framework with a lot of things in it. It offers less freedom but takes responsibility for you instead of moving that to you. Most developers that are using Angular are familiar with the same things (some details will differ).

So what is the best framework? It's up to you! It's up to the company you are working for and the application your building.

But even though the popularity will differ, there is no framework/library to rule them all 😉

coldlombax profile image

Sorry, unrelated to the OP but a lot of hate for react, I'm a beginner so I don't know an awful lot; however, the extensive amount of content I've found for react has made me a better JS developer.

On the other hand, I really like Angular and want to use it more. If there's a lot of hate for react, how does angular sound?

juniordevforlife profile image
Jason F

I think the same could be said for Vue 2. The components start off small, then blow up. This is partly due to the Options API. I believe the introduction of the Composition API in Vue 3 will aid in writing readable and maintainable components.

ivangcode profile image

You have a point! Thank you for sharing. 😁

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cenacr007_harsh profile image

I love React 🙌

jobpick profile image


sparkalow profile image
Brian M.

I know, I know.... I just hate React. Maybe I'll stick to dev jobs that don't work with javascript or browsers.