[Node] phpMyAdmin alternative for Node.js?

More often than not I still find myself (temporarily) installing some Apache distribution bundle with phpMyAdmin because it is the fastest way to create and manage my application databases.

This has often led me to the idea to write a phpMyAdmin clone/equivalent in JavaScript for Node and/or Electron. It even seems like a fun thing to do but I don't want to waste my time reinventing another wheel.

I have not yet come across a decent/complete replacement for phpMyAdmin yet though. Did you?

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MySQL Workbench is pretty great, but if you want PHPMyAdmin you do not need to pollute your local env with Apache and PHP if you use docker. All the dependencies will be inside the container, which can be removed or upgraded with one command.

##install the mysql & phpmyadmin 
docker run --name=mysql5 -e MYSQL_USER=iamgroot -e MYSQL_PASSWORD=a -d mysql/mysql-server:5.7 && \
docker run --name phpmyadmin5 -d --link mysql5:db -p 8080:80 phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin 

More on hub.docker.com/r/phpmyadmin/phpmya...

After the install you can start/close it as needed

docker start/stop phpmyadmin5

On Windows I tend to use SQLYog Community Edition which provides a pretty good GUI for managing MySQL databases.

I'm interested to hear what GUI tools people use on Linux systems, because I'm yet to find one I like as much as SQLYog or HeidiSQL.

When i worked on a Linux box I tried really hard to find a HeidiSQL clone.
The closest thing i found was: dbeaver.io/

I've found MySQL Workbench, pgAdmin 4 and MongoDB Compass to be quite useful on my Windows machine. So far on Linux/macOS I've been using cli mostly but that is subject to change given the positive experiences of those GUI tools.


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