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Jochem Stoel
Jochem Stoel

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Perform small coding tasks for a reliable source of income?

I want to perform small/medium programming tasks for people/businesses online. This could include writing a Wordpress plugin, a jQuery extension, a Node module, Chrome app or adding a feature to some custom CMS or .NET application. I am hoping for short/small projects, quick cash when delivered. On request, not having to come up with some script idea to sell on CodeCanyon. Is this possible in any meaningful way? Are there any (alive) websites for this? Maybe a webmaster forum. Can you name a few to point me in the right direction or perhaps are you looking for someone yourself?

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Ben Halpern

I'm not totally sure, but TopTal and Gigster may have these options. Also CodeMentor could fit the bill in some way.

Really not sure, though.

I do think this is a really interesting market though and if you want to brainstorm on this subject a bit, this is something we could roll into down the road as we grow.

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Jochem Stoel

Let's do it.

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Isaac Lyman

You could check out Contracts from there are usually weeks or months, not hours...but it's a start.