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Hey Google , Yo Alexa ... Do This For Me

Few months ago I took a hobby task on integrating Google Home Assistant with GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine). I got to the point where I was able to say Hey Google Build Cluster. Off it went and tried to build a cluster but something along the line with API query just did not work well.

Last night I was working in Lab with Lambda functions where it should be able to do almost any kubectl command or even build a cluster. This post helped me get half the battle through.

My point of this post:

I really would like some low end tasks in 2019 to be spent utilizing Voice Commands for productivity purpose from DevOps point of view.

Some examples I would like to integrate:

ME: How many pods are in bad shape?
Alexa/Google: Goes queries anything that is not in "Running" state.
Alexa/Google: Hi Joe, there are 16 pod that are not in Running state, would you like the list?
ME: Yes Please

Or as Dev...because someone asked me what version are we in Dev and QA

ME: (Google/Alexa) What version of AppName am I running in Dev and Qa?
Alexa/Google: Goes does a describe on a pod/container in Dev and QA
Alexa/Google: AppName version:1.15.2 in Dev and version:1.15.3 in QA
ME: Thank you

Or as Ops...

ME: (Google/Alexa) How many nodes are in bad shape?
Alexa/Google: Goes queries nodes status, gets few as NotReady or similar..
Alexa/Google: Node 222.333.111.222 is in NotReady status with latest Events: OutOfDiskSpace
ME:: (Google/Alexa) drain node 222.333.111.222 and scale cluster to 45

So those are some simple tasks that in reality in 2018 should be self healed , but if your pipelines and cluster and stability is not at that point of life, at least you can do is shave off going to your PC at 11pm , connect to VPN, auth with the K8s cluster, do few commands and its now 12:30am because you fixed the original issue at 11:25pm but got tied up reading something else :)..

Have you been using anything like that? Maybe a chatbot ?

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Alex Pliutau

Sounds really interesting, I'd like to have it also. I have experience with k8s and developing Google Home Actions, I could join you to create one!

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Joe Hobot

I’ll hit you up :) I moved onto Alexa this week.