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Joe Masilotti
Joe Masilotti

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A free tool to generate Open Graph images for GitHub repos

I made a free tool that generates Open Graph images for GitHub repos.


I work in open source and was tired of sharing ugly links on Twitter and Facebook. This is how they usually look.

Boring Twitter preview of a GitHub repo

One day I realized GitHub lets you upload a custom image, so I started making some templates. I figured I could work it into Mugshot Bot and use the GitHub API.

That eventually turned into a full product! It’s free to use. And it can create some nice Open Graph images for your open source projects.

Here's what that same repo looks like now. 😻

Improved Twitter preview of a GitHub repo

I use the GitHub API to pull in a few stats from the repo:

🌟 stars
🌍 language
🍴 forks
❗ open issues
πŸ‘€ creator avatar

There's three different themes and you can customize the color and background pattern. Earlier this week a few folks helped me beta test - here's what they created!

Four examples of social previews for GitHub repos via Mugshot Bot

If you give it a try, reply with your repo and I'll check it out. Happy hacking folks! πŸ‘‹

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Brayden W ⚑️

Very cool!

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Joe Masilotti

Thanks Brayden! And double thanks for helping beta test earlier this week.