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6 Great podcasts for Frontend Developers

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A weekly podcast about design, technology, programming and everything else.
By @rafahari previously Netlify, currently and
@vernalkick Senior UX Manager at @Shopify

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Codepen Radio
Chris Coyier, Alex Vazquez, and Tim Sabat, the co-founders of CodePen talk about the ins and outs of running a web software business.

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Frontend Happy Hour
A podcast featuring a panel of Software Engineers from Netflix, Twitch, & Atlassian talking over drinks about all things Front End development.

Ladybug Podcast Logo

By Kelly Vaughn, Emma Bostian, Sidney Buckner & Ali Spittel share their thoughts and stories from working in tech. They also share some really fun and interesting interviews.

Syntax FM Logo

Syntax FM
By Wes Bos & Scott Tolinski
"Full Stack Developers Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski dive deep into web development topics, explaining how they work and talking about their own experiences."

Fullstack Radio Logo

Fullstack Radio
A podcast for developers interested in building great software products. Hosted by Adam Wathan.

And that's it! If you ask me my favorite I recommend Frontend Happy Hour.

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Andrew Baisden

Cool list I know a few of these. Need to check out the Ladybug podcast though.

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Frontend House

Nice list. You should also check Frontend News podcast at All releases, updates, tech tips and more in one place