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My journey to Programming

I have always been very interested in tech since my teens. Dad wanted me to be a doctor, but I loved computers and disliked shots and bl**d.
I got my first personal PC(I had to be specific) during 2016, at that moment i knew this was my stepping stone towards picking up a tech stack,"programming". I didn't have a guide and I didn't do a good job during my researches, I would just type stuffs like "how to build a calculator" then copy-paste. I thought there was one universal programming language. I made no progress learning and my PC got issues,i left coding for a very long time after that. A year later i got more insight on different programming languages but oops my system was just too bad to be used.
I came across python3 for mobile phones and i downloaded it and started learning the language. After a month I got admitted into the University, time just wasn't there to code during my first year cuz I needed to gather enough grade points. "oh my,maybe coding isn't for me" I thought.
First year was over and I was in second year, I decided to try again πŸ˜‚ !!. This time I stumbled on batch coding. Learnt a lot using a friend's system but the time couldn't just actually work out.
The Corona outbreak was my last attempt,i was bent on using the opportunity to the fullest during the lock down,i got a laptop πŸ’».
From April till October 1st which is today's date I learnt:
HTML, CSS, Javascript, Reactjs basics and currently I'm learning node using express(all self taught) ..
School is about to reopen and I'm pretty sure it'll not hold back my learning ,mostly because I'll have lower number of courses next semester..
I have loved coding just as much as my course of study "engineering", that has been drive and will continue to be!!

Thanks for reading

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