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Oddly, a couple years ago I just stopped using bookmarks. Either I know the urls I want or enough of them that I can find them on the first page of search results. This is not optimal and I don't generally recommend it, but it does feel like less effort than keeping all machines and browsers in sync.

Side note: w3schools has a history of incorrect or missing info, MDN documentation is much better.


Thanks for the info :) Re: w3schools I use their reference section as a quick way to grab some commonly used solutions for basic html (5), css, js, php, sql, etc. I have (infrequently) seen an out of date snippet, too. I am very fond of using MDN and use it as my homepage on DASH (kapeli) a docset library for mac. I have also helped out with documentation on MDN and find it an invaluable resource. Could not live without it either. That being said, sometimes MDN takes longer to sift through than w3schools and is missing some examples (being worked on by open source community).

Those are just 2 reasons why I'm a proponent of using multiple selected tools for complete support. For example: the tools I use in Chrome may not be what I'm using in one project or the tools I use in VB may have something else built in that I use instead in another project. As with all software development it always depends on what, when, where, how, why and personal preference.

I'm curious: When you switch machines (if you do) doesn't it drive you batty remembering everything you need to look up? Namaste!


Switching between 4 machines (including virtuals) it certainly is annoying to have to remember everything. However, setting up all the machines and browsers to keep in sync is also annoying, especially since most of them can't go more than 6 months without being wiped and reinstalled.


I like to have folders in my bookmarks bar, one per active project - when I drop it down I see consistent entries for Tickets (usually Jira), Builds (usually Jenkins), Documentation (usually Confluence), Repository (usually Bitbucket), etc.

Side note: it's not "W3C" Schools, it's "W3" Schools. They only called it that to cash in on the similarity back in the day.


Thx for pointing that out! I do the folders, too. One big one - all clients/projects inside. Would love to hear about any good themes that handle that well.


You are right! It’s my homepage in Dash, though so I guess that’s like bookmarked on steroids! Lol


Mostly stuff not related to programming or articles I want to read in general.

The dev websites I visit so much I just need to type one or two letters in the search bar to get autocomplete :-D


I have all kinds of stuff, but one thing nobody would probably think to include is a bookmark for this snippet that opens an editable notes panel where I can quickly copy/paste or type and format some ideas (usually just before printing a document). It's faster than opening Microsoft Word.

Here's what you would bookmark (put this where the URL goes):

EDIT: It wouldn't let me put the code directly into my post, so you'll have to grab it from the Gist.

So that last one is for the notes editor. Here's another one...

This bookmark will make any page editable. Fun for creating fake screenshots where you edit news headlines, etc. When you run the bookmark, you can then highlight and edit text on any webpage and it will persist until you refresh:

One more fun one: the Harlem Shake. I ripped this off from YouTube's famous "Harlem Shake" easter egg where the whole page gets up and dances. When you click this bookmark while on any page, that page will start dancing (and each page dances a little differently!) Be careful: this will play the Harlem Shake loudly out of your speakers while the page dances.


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