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Oskar Krawczyk 🌲 for JSFiddle

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Dark mode in JSFiddle

If anything was a clear take from our roadmap (and that tweet ^) is that people really want a dark mode in JSFiddle – that feature request got a whooping 484 votes.

Took a while finally managed to get it done, and it turned out really, really nice.

A few months back I've done a poll, where most JSFiddle users said they actually prefer a dark theme, which is why that one is now the default.

The update brought some other improvements, like completely removed all web/icon-fonts, which we're always a burden to maintain and had a lot of negative impact on loading times. Now all icons and SVG – actually there's not a single image on the site, all is code.

Who doesn't love better loading times! πŸš€

There are a few more updates dropping soon, one of which is another big one – switching between different editor grids!

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Ben Halpern

This looks great Oskar. Really fun to have the creator of JSFiddle in the community too. Feel free to drop in for other feature drops.

Who doesn't love better loading times! πŸš€


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Andrew Bone

You can now embed jsfiddle projects into!

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