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Ladies && Gentlemen please welcome PeerCynk

jswalker_in profile image jswalker.in ・1 min read

I am here to present my latest Platform built on peer-to-peer technology for a Web-Community to exchange a resource in a pure peer-to-peer fashion.
Beta version has limited Access-token for Early-access users.

Checkout Platform: Platform | it is a PWA,so accessible both in mobile-web/Desktop-web

Please do read White-paper : White-Paper

Keep patience with Early Access, It will grow and will become interesting once user-base grow and start contribute on the platform.

So join and exchange information/resources if you have good intentions.

Any query/Bug Report DM on dev.to https://dev.to/jswalker_in || DM on twitter : https://twitter.com/jswalker_in

If you love WebRTC or Fan of Peer-To-Peer ideology this platform is for you.

Note:I have Teeny-Tiny server so please forgive me if server meltdown few time.In the meantime please do read White-Paper


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