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What was your first laptop/pc for your programming job?

My first was my own 12-inch Macbook which I brought it before I decided to go for programming. Sooo, it survived for the Bootcamps and some small freelance works for me. Then soon I'm using the work laptop on 13-inch Macbook Pro.

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Many of my co-workers in the company actually switch from macOS to Windows Linux. I am still considering switching for how amazing processer and the RAM they have.

What about you? What's your first working laptop or laptop devices provided by your company?

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Albert Mulia Shintra

In 2010 when Cloud Computing is a new trend, my first company gave me a low spec PC with Windows XP. Super laggy and takes forever just to boot.

Yet I can still work fine, because they told me to use the PC to remote desktop a VM with a high spec to do my job.

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First desktop I got specifically for work is my current one, I call it the beast. i9 9900, RTX 2080, 32gb RAM. Easily eats through 6k RAW video footage (I do video as well), and can train Tensorflow models insanely quickly. I dual boot, so I spend most of my time in Linux, Windows programming makes me cringe.

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Henry Camacho

Not really a laptop more a luggable the IBM P-70. An awesome machine