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Aashir Khan
Aashir Khan

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I should have made this product - Git Command Explorer

I'm back with another post, but this is not about me or my projects. It's different.
It's about a resource that is in buzz right now, and I'm happy that I found it on twitter.

Git Command Explorer

Find the right commands you need without digging through the web
Git Command Explorer

It's too amazing, that I'm jealous that I should've made it before. Sometimes you just need to look up for problems you're having and list them out and share on the internet and maybe if you can create an easy unified solution to all the problems related to it.

I've bookmarked this and already using it for 2 days now, and I wouldn't be shocked if you do the same.

I also posted this post on my official website :

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Sad it has little to no support for submodule commands...

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Aashir Khan

It's Open-Source and open for contributions right now.
Maybe it'll be available until next month, otherwise I'll look up to contribute myself

kj2whe profile image

Well this is now going in my reading list :)