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There is a lot going on lately, for better or worse.
The Gmail app and the web client with an actual Gmail account has a quite good css support and us improving over time. Google is also expanding AMP to emails within Gmail.
For third party accounts or clients apart from gmail things are not looking bright.
The whole development of html mails is also to be considered with caution. Assets in html mails can be tracked by advertisers. Amp is not only Google's walled garden for the internet, it also enables third party JavaScript within your mail client.
In my opinion, mails are still best in plain text.


Yep, I completely agree with you, but I think the web development is growing a lot faster now from last 5 years, and Do you think that Email's were really a part of web design, Is it really made for it?


I completely disagree, the team over at MJML have completely changed the game and removed the headache of building HTML emails. My coworker whom has a limited of HTML/CSS has been able to take a template I've built and make modifications to our teams newsletters.

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