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Gianluca Bianco
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A program to compute the normalization coefficients of a given orthogonal 1-D complex wave function

Hi guys, I am a particle physics PhD student passionate about coding and I like to implement some physical models or computations using different programming languages.

I want to present you a Python program I developed some days ago. This program computes the normalization coefficients of a given orthogonal complex 1-D wave function. In quantum physics a wave function represents the quantum states of a particle and the solution of the Schroedinger equation. You can find more theoretical information in the documentation of the project.

Actually, this program computes the coefficients only for a 1D orthogonal wave function, for a given n wave function index, but it could be extended in future to 3-dimensions and to non-orthogonal functions of course.

If you want to contribute with a pull request it would be more than welcome, since there is also other work to do to extend the project (more info is in the todo file of the GitHub repo); in this case I would put your name in the contributor file of course. This holds also in the case in which you find something you don't like or that could be improved: for this, you can send a pull request too or open an issue.

If you like the project, don't forget to leave a star, thanks!

GitHub repository:

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