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I am excited to say that I finally got around to "shipping-it"! I have been working on a Python API client for the YouVersion Public API for some time, always looking for ways to make it "better". I decided that I can continue to iterate the project but it would also be best if I got it out there.

You can find the published package on PyPI or follow the project on GitHub.

It sure does feel good to release something!

Let me know what you all think 😃

(P.S. this is also my first post on

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i think its great! You should look into tests, code coverage, travis ci, and tox for building a deployment pipeline to Pypi. Check out example of my package below.

I like how your using Makefile


Thanks, I will take a look at your package!

I totally have travis ci and tests on my to-do list for the project. I have codacy setup to help with coverage and review, is there a coverage tool that you like or would suggest?


I used coveralls but I think codacy would be a great choice with pytest


Hey Jason, congrats on both your first post and first package!

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