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Do you watch Live Coding?

kallmanation profile image Nathan Kallman ・1 min read

Do you watch someone code live (twitch, youtube, somewhere else?)? If you do, how often do you watch?

What do you look to get out of the stream?

  • Learning how to work in a language/framework?
  • Learning how to use an IDE / editor / tool?
  • Watch progress on a project you have an interest in?
  • Entertainment?

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Aquiles Carattino

I watched only once, just out of plain curiosity without expecting anything beforehand. It was a live-coding session of a Django website. On the one hand, I wouldn't do it again, since it was a bit of a waste of time. I prefer watching edited and thought content, not improvised. On the other hand, watching a good developer work in real-life gave me a lot of hope. I saw how he was struggling, the mistakes he was doing that I thought would have been unacceptable for a seasoned pro (I am a dev enthusiast, I don't make websites for a living).

anders profile image

Basically daily. To track project progress and for entertainment.

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Nathan Kallman Author

Cool Who do you watch?

anders profile image

Jonathan Blow mainly, he is coding a game and his own compiler.

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Bad Practice

I think about doing live code sometimes. It should be embraced more. You become a little more daring.