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Battle Engine Devlog #2 - Adventure Time

Welcome back to the Battle Engine devlog! I'd like to show off the next major technical hurdle and core mechanic of beng, starting an adventure.

We had to decide how an adventure is started, where it's started, and how it's maintained.

  • in a group DM started by beng?
  • in a text channel created by beng?
  • in a pre-defined channel created by server admins?

We landed on pre-defined channels intended for adventure use for now, as it was the easiest to setup and clearly define. You can enter one of these pre-defined rooms on the server:

Once in a room, simply ask beng to start an adventure. If there isn't already an active adventure in this channel, a new session will be created.

.beng adventure

Once you're adventuring, you can decide where you want to travel. We figured we would define different locations(zones) for variety. As of writing, one starter zone has been defined, the Crescent Woods!

.beng travel woods

This is a good time to stop and mention slug(s), as "woods" is the slug for Crescent Woods. All designed information in Battle Engine will necessarily have a consistent identifier to be used via text to interact with that thing. Yes, slugs can be changed, but it is unlikely as we will want to maintain consistency, backwards compatibility.

The last, and possibly most exciting part of starting an adventure is inviting your friends. We wanted the best of two worlds:

  • interacting with an adventure as a group of friends
  • allowing other people to watch, and comment on the adventure without necessarily being engaged

To accomplish both of these goals, the party leader ( the person who starts the adventure ), can invite other users in the discord by name.

.beng invite @Blaschko#2026

Now we're ready to party! Up next time is the basics of turn based combat.

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