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Karan Hejmadi
Karan Hejmadi

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Underrated Web Dev YouTubers you should check out

Many of us in the web dev community are familiar with teachers like Brad Traversy, Mosh, and Net Ninja. In this post, I will share 3 YouTubers who post quality web dev content with less than 100k subscribers. If you want to learn some advanced concepts in web technologies like react, node, etc. you might want to check them out.

1) Jack Herrington

I first saw Jack's channel in one of Brad's guest videos and the way he explained everything so crisply was really good for a channel of his size. He puts out advanced react content for eg. module federation using react, hooks using typescript, building chat apps, etc.

Channel link: Jack Herrington

2) devmentorlive

devmentorlive is an industry-experienced software developer who does coding streams about react projects. His streams are usually an hour-long where he builds some custom react component or explains some new technology. At around 9k subs, this channel surely deserves more attention.

Channel link: devmentorlive

3) Javascript Mastery

With around 80k subs, this channel isn't that small as the ones above but for the quality of videos that this channel has, one must check it out. He puts on videos mainly on big react projects like building an entire MERN stack app, eCommerce, chat applications, and plenty more. If you're someone who likes learning by building projects you can check his channel out.

Channel link: Javascript Mastery

4) Leigh Halliday

Leigh's channel has awesome content if you want to dive deep into advanced React and Next.js. He has plenty of tutorials on various topics like react-query, Mapbox, react hooks, GraphQL, and many more. I am sure his channel is going to grow big real soon. Do check him out!

Channel link: Leigh Halliday

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jadenconcord profile image
Jaden Concord

Fireship is good too

karan316 profile image
Karan Hejmadi

Yup, his 100s videos are awesome!

bobdotjs profile image
Bob Bass

He's the best, I think some people get turned off by then fact that he really likes angular but he has some of the best content on the Internet by far.

mbappai profile image
Mujahid Bappai

I was totally of that impression before, but most of his videos now are not as opinionated as they were before!!! He’s really a true inspiration!

javavista profile image
Javier Carrion

Angular is just awesome and I get turn on by the fact that Fireship likes it. LOL

Thread Thread
mbappai profile image
Mujahid Bappai

Lol! Javier got a framework fetish😅

sovgut profile image
Sergey Sovgut

I think no.

eduardonwa profile image
Eduardo Cookie Lifter

I always appreciate the advice Stefan Mischook brings to the conversation, he likes to take the approach of business and though he is a nerd (something he's said about himself multiple times) he doesn't get caught up in "Tech drama" aka "what programming language is better, is java vs ???" I like that about the man.

dev_sky profile image

agreed, also like that he focuses on the Fundamentals of programming rather than shoe horning you into a framework for the sake of views, which could be easy.

I appreciate his approach because he has a Major in Psychology (I think) so he knows how to actually teach.

Highly recommend Stefan Mischook , but these are also some great recommendations.

alexgeorgiev17 profile image
Alex Georgiev

Bobby Iliev is creating super interesting content so make sure to follow him as well:

You can also check his account -

nabeelaejaz profile image

May I also add: Academind:

bakedbird profile image
Eleftherios Psitopoulos • Edited

I will pat myself in the back now, but I also recently started my YouTube journey. I don't have many videos yet, but I will be focusing on the frontend, productivity tips, etc.
The channel name is bakedbird and I'd be glad to see you there!

chiaralyn profile image

I also suggest Codegrid
and Programming with Mosh
They're awesome!😉

torresannmarie profile image

I have used programming with mosh a number of times. It is good!

chiaralyn profile image

He explains really well above all the basics, while Codegrid has insane design inspiring ideas!

kethmars profile image

Jack's content is great! I've learned a lot about advanced React from his channel.
I actually made an interview with him that I'm soon going to publish in my channel called Developer Habits that's focusing on mindset and habits of successful devs:

jamesyoung_au profile image
James Young

None of them are very good. If you want to waste your time on useless todo lists and other trivialities, then all these dev tutorial youtubers are equal.

paul_melero profile image
Paul Melero

If you speak spanish, definitely check out @midudev

baenencalin profile image
Calin Baenen

We've heard of web-dev YTers, but what about web-dev TYPers?

hyperx837 profile image

I came here looking for fireship

thedharsan profile image

Dev ed is a legend !!

ajbravodeveloper profile image
Aditya Jaiswal

Codewitharry is also good.

ujjwalkr profile image
Ujjwal Kumar


toshkv profile image
Tosh K

Traversy Media:

juandinella profile image
Juan Di Nella

I really like Colby Fayock

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