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[Video] Shell script using ADB (Android Debug Bridge) to automate a repetitive task

Another relatively quick video to highlight the power of writing scripts to automate boring & repetitive processes.

I explain my process when it comes to tasks, that if I have found that I have done that same task, the same way, 3 times, then I will instead find a way to automate that task! In this video I use downloading my most recently recorded video file from my phone to my computer for editing, as usually its a bit of a fiddly, clicky, boring process that I discovered a computer can do much faster than I can.

I use a command line tool called ADB, Android Debug Bridge, to achieve this... Have a look...
(More reading below the Embedded Video)...

Here is the contents of the script mentioned in the video (VidPull) that basically asks a connected Android device for the file name of the newest mp4, aka video file, that exists on the phone then it downloads it onto your machine... Easy Peesey!

Hopefully it all makes sense, if you want to use the script mentioned then don't forget to chmod the script so that your system can run it...

chmod +x vidpull

(where vidpull is the name of the script)

I am trying to grow my new YouTube channel too...


So please give me as much feedback & criticism as possible so that I can improve and if you liked it or any other video that I have done please share it around, it would really help!

For any questions about ADB or even ideas for future videos please reach out on twitter


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