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Kareem James
Kareem James

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Short Intro and First Post

Hello, my name is Kareem. I am new to this whole blog thing but I might as well give it a shot. I am just starting to get my feet wet in web development and love what I am learning so far (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). Every time I learn something new I realize how much I really don't know. I am currently at GDG DevFestNYC 2017 and having an awesome time so far. I'm hoping to learn where the industry is going and how I am going to fit into that narrative as an older person transitioning into tech(more about my journey to come). I am sure I will add to this later but that's it for now, back to learning!!

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Jess Lee

hey @kareemdjames !

and FYI that for images you can use the syntax: ![imagename](imagelink) to post that photo :)

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Kareem James

Thanks, I appreciate the help with that. I will get this down soon.

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Peter Kim Frank

Welcome, @kareemdjames ! Good meeting you and pumped to see you around the site.

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Hey broski, thanks for introducing me to this site and might I say that's a fun pic of you with the plush android! We shall see where this journey leads us both!

Timeless DEV post...

Git Concepts I Wish I Knew Years Ago

The most used technology by developers is not Javascript.

It's not Python or HTML.

It hardly even gets mentioned in interviews or listed as a pre-requisite for jobs.

I'm talking about Git and version control of course.

One does not simply learn git