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I ❤️ Kanban Boards!

kasonde profile image Kasonde Richard Nsama ・1 min read

As the title suggests, I love Kanban Boards. For my first side project to test my front-end web development skills, I decided that I want to build a tool I could use to be my task manager. I already use tools like Notion for my task management and it's incredible. But this isn't anywhere near that, although it's heavily inspired by it 😃.

I'll use this blog post (might make it a series) to update logs of my progress on the project.


The Stack
Since this will start as a front-end project only, I will only list front-end frameworks:

  • ReactJS (Create React App) as the front-end framework. Why not any other front-end framework? Because shut up and use what you like 😃!
  • Styled Components (to generate/build some kind of a design system that I hope to extend in the future)

This is all for now. The list will grow when I can think of even more tools to use for this task.

If you'd like to follow my progress on this project: follow me on Twitter or on Github.

Be kind ❤️

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andrewbaisden profile image
Andrew Baisden

Notion is awesome!

theriusblackers profile image
Arturo Gamboa

Okay okay... following hehe have a nice day hehe

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Estee Tey

Yes you should make it a series! It will be cool for all of us to look back at your progress ✨

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