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Tips for working remotely

I don't want to start a discussion about the difference between Smartworking, Remote working and stuff like that. This post is useful for everyone who work remotely.
I have tried to collect some tips and suggestions from my last 4 years as remote worker.
And of course, I did a lot of mistakes and I continue to do mistakes.

Equipment and hardware

  • Remeber to have your laptop batteries charged
  • Remember to have a backup for your mouse batteries (if you have a wireless mouse)
  • A backup line data is a plus (the connection is everything for you)
  • Configure at least one communication channel with your coworkers on the phone. You can tell them if your connection or your power is down
  • An external webcam is better than the built-in laptop cam. For the quality but people want to see your entire face, not only the nose or your keyboard.
  • A microphone with a good quality or at least an headset for the calls
  • Sometimes try the company VPN even you don't need it every day

Calls, communication and presentations

  • Turn on your video when you are in a call. Non-verbal communication is important like the verbal one.
  • During a call or a meeting, wait for a few seconds after the question "do you have any comments about that?". People need time to un-mute themselves.
  • Avoid too much calls in a day. If you read the subject of the call request and you think it's not your topic or not interesting for you, ask to the organizer if your presence it's really important.
  • Record all the meetings. Sometimes you have to drop a call early for urgent stuffs or just because you have 4 overlapping meetings.
  • If you are a the presenter, preload all the links and presentations. It's annoying to see a web page loading screen for your attendees.
  • During a presentation, remember to zoom your screen or change your resolution to Full HD. A lot of meeting software are optimized for a full hd streaming.
  • Eating during a call is not a bad thing. You can work with people with different timezones.
  • Dress your favorite clothes but don't work with your pigiama.
  • At the end of a call, summarize the actions items and the responsible for each item.

Lifestyle and habits

  • Invest on your home studio and your enviroment. Your productivity is more higher if you have a clean room and you like to stay there.
  • Sometimes you feel lonely at home. Music, Podcast, TV (but not in front of you) can help to reproduce the office noises.
  • Go our for fresh air time to time. It helps to stay healty and it's good to have new ideas and for solving problems.
  • Don't work in the dark. Good light in the room is important. Even the hackers have the lights in the room.
  • Create your habits to have a good start in the morning and during the day. Habits increase the productivity and you don't feel like lazy.

Do you have any additional tips or suggestions?

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James Schleigher

Thanks for sharing! Small things but matter🀩
Since I work from home, I always make sure of my to0do list daily. This helps me to time block my schedule. And always include short break time every hour or two. I use task management software to manage my tasks and time. A calendar view is everything! I haven't tried many tools, but so far, I l really like Todoist and Quire.