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JOYG: a 1st person shooter in Unreal Engine

UE4 Game Scene

Just a few shots of a level from the game that I'm making in UE4.

I’ve finished making level one of JOYG (name of the game). The 1st phase of development involved:

Making a map on paper
Greyboxing the map in the game world
Adding materials and textures to the world
Adding props like tables, wheels, trash cans, doors
Putting in particle effects such as fire and steam
Putting sounds for example fire crackling, steam sounds
Changing the lighting by making it a night scene
Adding characters

I'd be interested in talking to anyone on here whose into game dev

UE4 Game Scene

UE4 Game Scene

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Dimitris Zarachanis • Edited

The screens look neat 👌. I used to write reviews for indie games and one of my favorite games I've ever tried is "Niko, through the dream". These screenshots reminded me vividly of this game for some reason, although Niko is a 1st-person puzzle game (I guess it could be because of the skybox looking kinda dreamy). Keep it up!

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Thanks for the encouragement! I looked up Niko on Steam, looks pretty cool!