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Plug n play authentication from scratch in JavaScript

A few glimpses of my side project which is a plug-n-play authentication module built from ground up for developers (mainly). It's built with verbosity in mind so that junior devs can get in on the action.

Uses MongoDB, Express.js, Passport.js (social logins), EJS, SendGrid (mail) and node modules (bcrypt, jwt etc)

So far the functionalities for v.1.0 are:

  1. User registers
  2. Verification email sent to user with JWT
  3. Verified user can login
  4. 3rd party logins (Facebook, Google+ and Twitter)
  5. Password reset email which redirect to user's secret question
  6. Answer secret question and reset password
  7. Google recaptcha for spam protection

I might put in a honeypot for further spam protection

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treevil profile image

Look like a cool module.
Did you release the code somewhere?

kauresss profile image

I will soon on gumroad and here :)